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Top 10 foods to eat when lean bulking

Updated: Mar 22

Learn how to lean bulk the proper way. Is there really a good way to bulk up in the off-season? Find out how and what foods you should incorporate into your off-season bulking plans. You need high calorie foods, and the opposite when you try to lose weigh. (Check out my post with the top foods to eat when dieting/cutting here)

Firstly I want to point out that I absolutely hate bulking. I am 100% against bulking. Most people think they need to bulk to put on muscle (aka eat big to get big), but that is in fact just a myth. And not a good one. When you bulk, you put fat, not lean muscle. Anyway, let's continue with the list:

  • Nuts

Why? Because they are so calorie dense. It's a good and healthy source of fats. They aren't really high in protein, but you don't need to worry about protein when you're on a high calorie diet. Is's going to be extremely hard not to get enough protein when you eat that much.

  • Whole Eggs

If you're eating just the whites you're losing out all of the fats, extra calories and a little bit more protein. So eat a lot of whole eggs, great for bulking.

  • Avocado

Super healthy good concentrated calories, very healthy fats so you can add it to almost anything to have some extra calories. If you don't like avocado, the alternative is the guacamole, same benefits.

  • Salomon

Salomon is so high in fats and calories (higher than most meats), but it has really good fats for you.

  • Bread

For example, your french toast, sandwich, etc. It's very easy on the go to just grab a sandwich.

  • Rice

Rice has got a lot of calories and carbs, and it seems that everyone loves their meat with rice. It's very good for bulking.

  • (Low Fat) Red Meat

Remember, this is still about being healthy, i ain't going to recommend you go eat at McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, etc.

  • Peanut Butter

It's just like nuts, put it on your sandwich for a good combo, or in protein shakes, or in ... everything! High dense calories in a small pack. It's healthy for you, has lots of good fats. (However getting fat isn't healthy...hence my problem with bulking)

  • Peas and Corn (or other high calorie options)

You can't just cut out all the vegetables, you still need all the vitamins in them. But there are high calorie vegetables you can go for if you're bulking. That means you won't go out there and eat a lot of spinach. If you do that you'll be full with only 100 calories eaten, that means being lean, muscles popping, etc. Go for all the high calorie.

  • Protein Pancakes

We all love pancakes, right? Just add some protein and you're good to go. Careful with the toppings, though, put some peanut butter or greek yogurt on it.

I still recommend you not to go with the classic bulking-cutting stereotype everyone is talking about. I guarantee that in my courses I teach you the best ways of adding muscle without getting fat and the best ways of getting leaner while putting muscle on. But if you really want to bulk, at least do it the healthy way, as shown in this post. Have a nice day!


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