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Top 9 ways to maximize muscle growth

Updated: Mar 16

  • Always warm up with light to moderate cardio before your training session

You should be slightly sweating before your workout. If you don't do this you have a higher risk of injury. Anytime you get hurt - you can't train - you're gonna get smaller, basically it's not going to be good. So make sure you're properly warmed up before you start working out.

  • Train the hardest exercises firstly

If you put the hardest excercises later in the workout you won't have enough energy to do them properly or at your maximum strength in order to so progressive overload. Do I really need to explain more than this? :)

  • Time your sets

Everyone is asking "How many reps should I do per exercise?" That doesn't matter. The right question is "How much should my muscles stay under tension?" For example, if I do some bicep curls, it doesn't really matter how many i actually do, it matters how long it takes me to do them. Now you mught be asking, what time under tension am I looking for. 40 seconds is the goal for how long a set should take to maximize hypertrophy.

  • Work to rest ratio should be 1:3 to 1:5

Let's pretend your set took a whole minute, which is an eternity of squats, for example. Your rest time should be between 3 to 5 minutes. Same if it took 30 seconds, the rest should be 1:30 to 2:30 minutes. If it took 40 seconds, then the rest time should vary between 2 minutes and 3:20 minutes. If it's a weak body part, it's even more important to follow this.

  • Eccentric portion of rep should be longer than concentric

A good rule is to do the negative part twice as slow. For example if you rise the weight in 1 second, you should lover it in 2 seconds. That means: if you do 12 reps like this that's 36 seconds, almost 40, which is really good, as I explained before. Another example is: if you lower the weight even slower and one rep takes you 5 seconds you can get away with 8 reps to get to those 40 seconds.

  • Train to failure

Work hard. How hard? To failure! Harder than the last time!!

  • Use proper form

You need to know how to execute the motion of the lift. Watch people that lift properly, on youtube or other platforms and try your best to imitate them. In my programs I give a link with the workout introduced inside an app that shows you exactly how to do them.

  • Active rest

Research shows that if a muscle is moving after it clears lactic acid better and you'll be better off with your next set. For example: if you're doing leg presses and while resting you just sit there and text or browse Instagram or whatever, you won't get as much of it as if you were going for a walk between your sets, so move out a little bit. That's really important.

  • Train each body part twice a week

Half or even more times I get clients that hire me and their plan is allllll wrong. You need to train more often. Research shows that your muscles need only 2 days of resting before you can train them again. If you are training them only once a week you are missing out a lot. Even more important if it's a weak body part! If you're asking how many sets you should do per week here it is: a small muscle group, like the biceps need to be trained from 15 to 20 sets per week, that means 7 to 10 sets per session. A bigger muscle group, like the back or the legs need from 20 to 30 sets per week, that means 10 to 15 sets per session! That doesn't include the warm up sets ! You should avoid counting them. They're "warm-up" sets, not proper sets in which you go to failure, or even beyond failure (I explain more in my courses)


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