(2 years)

In the second picture there's me after 9 months of training. As you can see, I didn't have too much of a progress. I was not training properly, nor following a good meal plan for my goal - building muscle. Then I started researching for everything about bodybuilding from the internet, magazines, you say it. I started collecting more and more information, testing it, and seeing if it's any good or not. After 8 and a half months or continuous research, I started to test programs from well known people in the bodybuilding industry. I was still not satisfied with my results. Don't get me wrong, I did have good results, but I knew it hould have beed better. So, i started building a program with an according meal plan. Then the real results came (this is already past the newbie gains), then people started to ask me if i took steroids, and not because I'm huge (I'm really not at all :D), but because of how fast these results came. And then I realised what I've created. So I started training people, helping them see on themselves the changes I made. And here I am now, trying to show you the ways of making that one change you never thought possible become reality.

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