Hello! My name is Andrei Buliga (Andrew) and I am the founder of Andrei Buliga Fitness.

I am a former professional athlete with over 12 years of training and dozens of competitions I have participated at. Since then I wanted to put on muscle mass, having spent years being that person who was skinny who always dreamed to put on muscle mass, to finally feel good about myself. Now, I currently am a personal trainer and I really want to use my skills and learnings to help people achieve what I did. And I want you, no, I need you to trust me - if I could do it, you certainly can too!

Why did I start

Andrei Buliga Fitness


I created Andrei Buliga Fitness in an attempt to provide a simple solution for an even simpler problem - achieving your body goals in the fastest possible way.

Ever since I first started lifting, I was very enthusiastic with every program I tried, and I tried many - from free programs found on google to "science based" programs. Some were better than others, but all had two big problems in common:

    - they didn't work fast enough

    - almost all programs I tried were based on the common bodybuilding myths

You might be asking -  What do you mean by "not  fast enough" ? I agree to the fact that muscle building & fat loss take time, but not nearly as much time as you're used to hear - minimum 3-6 months - and I couldn't disagree more. I guarantee you can see good results within 1 to 2 months of proper training and, of course, a meal plan to compensate your training! And here's where my  courses can help you sculpt your dream body.





I am driven by passion to help you succeed. For me, this is more than just about a training program. I genuinely want to help you create lasting changes to your life. I want to help in showing you the methods to achieve your goals, because I know, and you know, it really is possible. No matter where you are in your journey or what have you ever tried before, I am 100% determined to become the ignition you need right now!

You probably have tried other training programs or methods in the past with close to nothing to show for it, am I right? I have created, designed and reshaped with time a system that actually works! I made sure it provides all the tools, knowledge and support you might need to get to the desired results. With tried and tested methodologies, I know that once you start trusting my system, you will create the changes you never thought possible.


Andrei Buliga Fitness

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